Cách \u0111óng gói hàng hóa d\u1ec5 v\u1ee1 khi chuy\u1ec3n phát nhanh

Every shipment from minimum to over 5000 kilograms is carefully booked and followed up on the way to destination. As airfreight is the last mode of the transport shippers think of since its very high freight to pay, we fully understand and always give priorities in handling airfreight shipments to help customers with good choice of air services to use along with best transit time avoiding any possible lateness.

Sea-air combined: When purchase orders are well planned and successfully finished, shipping schedule could be fixed and considered good using a combination of transport mode of both sea and air, that will help customers a lot in terms of freight payment still remain a good and on time delivery at destinations. Sea-air combined transport from us is suggested via Dubai instead of Singapore if delivery date allows. It is because the transit time for sea-air via Dubai takes longer, but of course the greatest advantage of it the most saving freight.

Air-air combined: Some destinations could not be trafficked by airfreight directly, or in another way, there are not direct traffics from Vietnam to some destinations, and especially during the peak season of airfreight, finding a good and suitable service of a shipment is not really easy or even impossible. That is when we offer this special kind of handling. This is the rough way of handling because transit formality and connecting flights must be carefully carried out and arranged at transit airports whereas it’s always a must to remain a good transit time as that of a normal shipment on a direct flight. Moreover, without an experienced and professional agent to cooperate with at those transit airports, such operations could hardly be done.

Courier express: this service is to help clients to send from one piece of paper to bigger packages of samples to everywhere all over the world. We are sales agents for big and well known courier services operating in Vietnam, thus electronic tracking system is available for every and each consignment.

Domestic Airfreight (courier, express): with daily flights among main airports of the country. We have especially handled smoothly transit shipments via Tan son Nhat airport to the other airports in the central and north of Vietnam.


The tracking system helps you to find your shipments with a quick and effective search. Input at least 5 characters/numbers of your House Bill No. or Container No. or your Reference to start a search.

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